Tuesday, February 26, 2013

About Crystal Springs, CA

Crystal Springs is a pleasant mountain town in northern California. It's home to a college whose art department has come to be well-respected. 'Old money' comprises a small but powerful portion of the population, which is often at odds with the student body, though they've bought some positions on the school board. In daily life, the more liberal values and interests of the students--and those drawn to what might be expected of an art school town--are most obviously represented, but the wealthy flex muscle where they can. Being a relatively small community, rumors travel quickly.

Selected Locations

The Robin St. Cafe: Run and frequented by students of the art school, this establishment serves as a coffee shop, bakery, diner, very basic bar (small beer and wine selection, might spike your coffee) and small performance venue. It regularly hosts open mics which, in turn, feature things such as musical performances, poetry readings, comedy and dramatic performances. This is the only place in town at which Maxwell is allowed to perform; the effect his voice has on mortals sees him barred from anywhere else.

Image References: 1 , 2 , 3 (Note: Decor might not be identical, this is just for an idea of the layout/size/style. I based it off a place I went to a punk show at once.)

Likely Scene Types: Default social gathering spot, performance (my character or yours), likely to be a recommended meeting spot if such a thing is needed.

Maxwell's Home: Built in the style of stick-Eastlake architecture, Maxwell's house sits on a hill and is surrounded only by naturally-occurring plant life. Consisting of two and a half above-ground stories and an undetermined amount of basement floors, it's a sizable but modest abode when compared with the mansions of the more monied section of the town's population. The ground floor has a marble-dominated interior at odds with the charming exterior decoration of the home, its front porch having a wooden swing and a small set of wrought-iron table and chairs for hosting guests. Its numerous antiques and art pieces inside make it seem more like a museum than a home. A room on the right side of the home gives a much warmer impression, wood-floored and housing a fireplace, in addition to a daybed, bookshelves, a number of tea tables and chairs, a coffee table and armchairs. A large garage matching the style of the home has been built off to one side within the past year, and Maxwell has been putting up flyers and internet ads offering space in his home at a negotiable rate.

Likely Scene Types: House party, good ol' "I need help and you're the nearest place" scene, potential boarder scenario (your character would have needed to call/email first, there are two, maybe three rooms if he converts the attic, available as I write this), any reason your character would have to come to his door would clearly take place here.

Crystal Springs Botanical Gardens: Just what you'd expect of botanical gardens, really: All kinds of local plant life with informational plaques, hiking and biking trails, picnic tables and so on. Entrance is barred at night, but that doesn't keep everyone out.

Likely Scene Types: Small social gatherings, encounters on late night walks, likely spot to chase down a creature. Occasional date or meeting place.

Memorial Park: (Probably should be named for some local figure or another but honestly, I can't be fucked at the moment.) Distinct from a botanical garden, this has a more central location in the town, and many more open spaces. Well-lit, plenty of benches, picnic tables, small barbecue grills. One portion is a fenced-in dog park which, although technically 'closed' at night, is never locked. Another portion has a playground.

Likely Scene Types: Simple meeting/date spot, planned or unplannned; festival (bonfire, vendor stalls, etc.); carnival or circus; another likely spot to chase down a creature; include a dog, that's always fun!

Housing Development: Middle/lower-middle class development of townhouses. They have yards, but most are small. A maze of streets, small parks, the occasional wooded area.

Likely Scene Types: Probably another "may be chasing a creature through here" scenario. Maybe relevant to a hitchhiking scenario.

The Underground: Lazy name for a basement lounge favored by the town's art community, mostly college students. While alcohol is served here, the selection is more limited than a bar. The focus is on community mingling, much of it taking place via games. Card games and tabletop games (from old favorites like chess and checkers to more modern games), even some video games. The music here tends to be the local college radio, played loud enough to be heard but low enough to be considered background music and little more. 

Likely Scene Types: Social scenes, naturally. Max will often come 'hunting' here, but sometimes his aim isn't so explicit. 

The Ocean Club: A somewhat ironically named upscale club on the 'good' side of town. The kind of place with a dress code. There's a predictably blue theme inside, and the entertainment can go from a chaste, romantic singer to a burlesque troupe. 

Likely Scene Types: Hunting/socializing again. This is a good choice for those of you who play entertainers and/or rich folk. 

(NOTE: These are not the only places one could play in in town. There are your random bars, shops, what have you. These are just places that have either been established in RP, or are nonstandard RP settings. Suggestions, like.)

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