Monday, July 2, 2012

Cassiel zal'Berei

Playby: Thiago Santos

Full Name: Cassiel Serin zal'Berei
Age: 23
Date of Birth: August 23, 1988 (according to the commonly understood dating system, of course!)
Birthplace: Rensail, Muserae
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6'1''
Weight: 160 lbs.
Occupation: World traveler; poet
Sexual Orientation: Open-minded
Personality Points: Curious, shy about himself, thoughtful, friendly, moral, slow to anger, compassionate, generally sweet-tempered, occasionally possessed of a savior complex

Background Information

There are two races of humans on Cassiel's home planet of Muserae, the dal'Berei and the zal'Berei; the latter have been gifted with great magical powers, and were chosen as universal ambassadors of good will. They are prepared, from a young age, for the morning on which they will awake in a strange world, which may or may not be hospitable to their kind. They must know all manner of magicks which might protect them from harm, with emphasis on defense rather than offense. Knowing that, by blood, they have great capacity for terrible deeds, their society encourages them to use a gentle hand instead, and approach all conflict with a compassionate heart. They are instructed to introduce themselves as their forename followed by "zal'Berei", in the interest of unity; that name should be associated, around the universe, with persons who have helped to resolve conflict, bolster charity, and otherwise improved the lives of those they meet.

Cassiel, personally, is considered a late bloomer. Though he always performed well in his studies, regardless of their nature, his teenage years came and went without the rite of passage the majority of zal'Berei underwent by the age of nineteen. Having embarked upon his first trip only months ago, he has yet to establish control of this aspect of his powers; most of his travels, therefore, remain entirely random and, more than that, unexpected, though he likes to think he would know how to return to a particular place once he's been there already.

zal'Berei must return home periodically to replenish their strength and, in those times, Cassiel makes his money through poetry and the public recital thereof. This will often inform the things that he does on new worlds, though the opportunity does not always present itself.

Romantically, he has had a number of somewhat casual romantic and sexual relationships, all of them with women. Muserae's society, however, is extremely open-minded, disinclined to demand monogamy, strict gender roles, or sexualities. His options are quite open, for that reason, though he hasn't pursued relationships with anyone other than women, left to his own devices. Away from home, for the time being, pursuing a relationship is unlikely to even occur to him; he'll be too busy getting his bearings in a new place to concern himself with such things. Even so, he is rather responsive to any attention of that sort paid to him.

(Sorry for the scant description; this is a character I haven't fully formed yet, I just wrote this because I'm excited that I've found a new face for him!)

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